Abury and Romanian Artisans in association with Mihai Eminescu Trust

Boulezar and A+Z Design

Andrea Crews and Lunatika

Arpin and Steve Mono

Ana Rajcevic, Erpro and Smart Fit-In

Cervin and & Marcha Hüskes

Elasta, Neffa and UHasselt

G+N and Centexbel

Hermione de Paula and Mitica

Glithero and Seifert & Skinner

Deltracon and Bonnie Kirkwood

Jessie Lecomte and TextielLab

Emma Shipley, Tessitura Luigi Bevilacqua, Marven and Desi Dera

Holly Fulton, House of Sophie Hallette and Lauranne Guyomard

Kokoon and Prisca Vilsbol

Laulhère and Jungho Geortay

Nichole de Carle and Custoitex

Marion Vidal, Toscoventa & Prisma

Overgaard + Dyrman & Dagmar Kestner

Samuel Gassmann and Nuovi Gioielli S.r.l.

Popkalab, Phonotonic and Stéphane Gontard

Roberto Ardigo and Anne Sofie Madsen

Studio Ruuger and Essequadro

Reltex and Joanne Stoker

Waiting for the Sun and La Paz

Y.O.U. and Bolflex

Teatum Jones and Point d’Esprit

Apologie and Les Bijoux

Stiftung Finneck, Craft Cooperative and Laurenz Stockner

Jacquemus and 247 INNOVA 24H

Granorte and Elisabeth Vidal

C.J. Carstens & Maille Création