Specialist makers


Based in Paris, the Erpro group offers a fully integrated service from concept engineering and design through to prototyping, injection moulding and pre-production parts manufacture.

Essequadro Srl

A family began the career in the late '40s glasses. The latest generation has picked up the baton, with one goal: to design and produce directly glasses beautiful and that will appeal to customers.


Granorte is a Portuguese company, founded in 1972 to recycle the cork waste from the cork stoppers manufacturing. From the beginning they gained a reputation all over the world thanks to the excellent quality of their cork products.

House of Sophie Hallette

An international living reference in the art of making French lace and tulle, the story of the House of Sophie Hallette was woven in collaboration with the top names in 20th century haute couture and continues today with young couture and contemporary designers.


Kokoon headphones help you sleep great anywhere. Remaining comfortable and cool for long periods wherever you are; rolling around in the bed, or resting on the window of an aircraft or train these headphones act as extra cushions for your ears.

La Paz

Back in 2011, Porto-based Jose Miguel de Abreu and André Bastos Texeira decided to combine their creative ideas in a new clothing brand, called La Paz.


In a region that once boasted 21 beret factories, Laulhere is the last of them. Established in 1840, Laulhere is today the oldest beret factory in France and the very last of the 21 factories that once drove the economics of the south west region of France.

Laurenz Stockner

In 2003 Laurenz Stockner started work as an artistic iron and metalworker. Laurenz is a one man company with the focus on arts and crafts, based in Brixen, North Italy Half of his work is contract work for architects, designers and artists.

Les Bijoux

Florence-based company Les Bijoux deals with exclusive production of metal fittings for leather goods and clothing. Prototypes are made in real time and are professionally designed for the process of industrialization.


Based in Italy, bag manufacturer Lunatika focus on the traditional techniques of crafting products from the best quality leather, whilst always looking to innovate their techniques and product offering.