Abury & Romanian artisans (in association with the Mihai Eminescu Trust)

Based in Germany, social enterprise Abury worked closely with the Mihai Eminescu Trust in Romania to harness the traditional skills of the local craftspeople.

Glithero & Seifert and Skinner

Anglo-Dutch design studio Glithero collaborated with Belgian manufacturer Seifert & Skinner, renowned for their ‘ultimate filament winding’, to produce a range of structural lamps based on the idea of capturing forms mid-way through the creation process.

Granorte & Elisabeth Vidal

Portuguese cork manufacturer Granorte came together with French interior designer Elisabeth Vidal to create new cork wall units for interiors.

Overgaard + Dyrman & Dagmar Kestner

Copenhagen-based contemporary design studio Overgaard + Dyrman have collaborated with German fashion designer Dagmar Kestner to create a capsule collection of furniture primarily manufactured from material leftovers.

Stiftung Finneck, Craft Cooperative & Laurenz Stockner

German disability foundation Stiftung Finneck has come together with a cooperative of furniture designers and metalworker Laurenz Stockner to produce a portable gardening trolley for people with or without constraints in movement.

Waiting for the Sun & La Paz

Avid surfers and product designers Waiting for the Sun have brought together their passions to create a surfboard created from eco-friendly materials. Working with La Paz, a cutting edge product has been made.