Ana Rajcevic, Erpro & Smart-Fit-In

Germany-based artist Ana Rajcevic and French 3D printers Erpro have collaborated to create a range of bespoke 3D printed prosthetic limb covers intended to be beautiful and elegant products which challenge the way disability is seen and experienced.

G + N & Centexbel

Rotterdam-based fashion design studio G+N has worked alongside Belgian textile research centre Centexbel, and adopted industrialised methodologies to enhance their concept of glue bonded jeans.

Hermione de Paula & Mitica

British fashion designer Hermione de Paula used her talents to fulfil a long held desire to create her own line of lingerie. Working with renowned Italian lingerie manufacturer Mitica, a charming line has been created using fabric which features Hermione’s romantic floral designs.

Marcha Hüskes & Cervin

French hosiery manufacturer Cervin and Netherlands-based fashion designer Marcha Hüskes have created a capsule collection of fine gauge, high quality knitwear.

Nichole de Carle & Custoitex

Haute lingerie designer Nichole de Carle and Portuguese sportswear manufacturer Custoitex have come together to create a capsule collection of fashion shapewear named ‘Underactive’.

Kokoon & Prisca Vilsbol

British based technology company, Kokoon was created with the intent to create a product that would solve a frustration felt by many in today’s busy world – sleepless nights. Founded by Tim Antos and Richard Hall, Kokoon has worked with sleep experts to create a pair of headphones which use sound to deliver a night of sound sleep and an app to monitor sleep patterns.

Boulezar & A+Z design

German fashion brand Boulezar has collaborated with Belgian textile manufacturer A+Z Design to create a range of innovative fabrics. Self-professed experts in ‘comfy couture’ and rarely following passing trends, Boulezar seek to create quality, comfortable pieces in luxury materials and have always occupied that difficult space in the market, constantly searching for cutting edge fabrics.

Toogood & Tonak

Creative Directors and Interior Designers Studio Toogood have amalgamated their expertise with that of Czech hat makers, Tonak, to create a bespoke hat range. Turning their hand to headwear, an entirely new territory for the studio, they have developed a new process, involving the manipulation of felt and ribbon, around perpendicular shapes seen in their previous furniture designs.

Andrea Crews & Lunatika

French fun-fashion garment designer and creative agency Andrea Crews and Italian leather manufacturers Lunatika have collaborated to innovate a product category for their business with a range of upcycled leather, urban-inspired items: rucksacks and bumbags with bold monochrome graphics and with an unexpected navy faux-fur covering.

Laulhère & Jungho Geortay

French beret manufacturers Laulhère and Belgian-based fashion designer Jungho Geortay have come together to create a range of men’s fashion berets. Laulhère have been hand crafting military berets for over 175 years and with a little innovation from Geortay have transformed their signature design into a contemporary context, and developed a fashionable menswear range.