RUUGER stamp
Country: UK

Oliver Ruuger hails from Hiiumaa (‘land of the mischievous spirit’), a small island in the Baltic Sea. Growing up in a fishing community, he worked with his hands every day, building toys and trinkets from locally-available objects; a pattern which laid the early foundation for his appreciation of craftsmanship, and his deep affinity for material.

In 2011, Ruuger graduated from the pioneering Fashion Artefact M.A. course at the London College of Fashion; his final collection consisted of paired objects such as umbrellas, briefcases and saddles, made from leather, metal and horsehair. The objects appeared weightless, invisibly suspended 1 meter from the ground. The pieces were selected for the reputable Futuremap exhibition and the collection won both the Best Off-Catwalk Design Award from the college itself as well as the Accessories Collection of the Year Award at International Talent Support in Italy.

Later that year Ruuger established his eponymous studio, in collaboration with partners Volker Koch and Elke Filpes. Since its foundation, the studio has exhibited a diverse range of work at London and Paris Fashion Week, and at renowned art galleries and museums worldwide. Studio Ruuger is recognised for its avant-garde, highly labour-intensive luxury objects, which occupy the borderline between sculpture and product; taking inspiration from experiments with technique and form, its signature is a balance between visual appeal and functional integrity. The use of exquisite materials, coupled with a high level of multi-disciplinary craftsmanship, results in unexpected, intensely desirable and visually striking luxury products.