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With a strong passion for traditional craftsmanship and refined details, Overgaard + Dyrman is a contemporary furniture maker located outside Copenhagen, Denmark. By merging traditional craft techniques with modern technology, Overgaard + Dyrman’s approach to design, bridges the past with the present.

Christian Dyrman, Technical Director / Head of Metal Workshop
Christian’s focus is on the technicalities of the projects carried out at O&D. He benefits from his background as a blacksmith when he designs and manufactures the special tools used and unique fixtures and moulds required for the production of O&D’s products.

Jasper Overgaard, Creative Director / Head of Leather Workshop
Jasper is a creative thinker who primarily focuses on the creative direction of the projects carried out at O&D. His passion is in the embedded aesthetics of materials, and he is a strong advocate for the graceful aging of products.