Country: BE


IMO is the Institute for Materials Research of Hasselt University, located at the university campus in Diepenbeek (Province of Limburg, Flanders, Belgium). There is a very close collaboration with IMEC (Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre, Louvain) which local division IMOMEC is housed within the premises of IMO. The largest part of the fundamental research in the core competence field is performed by IMO, while the majority of the applied research programs in collaboration with industrial partners is performed by IMOMEC.

There are about 110 people working at IMO-IMOMEC. About 50 students are preparing their PhD, The team is strongly interdisciplinary (chemists, physicists, engineers, biomedical researchers…).

Wim Deferme
Professor – group leader, Functional Materials Engineering, IMO-IMOMEC – Hasselt University (BE)

Wim Deferme obtained an engineering degree in Applied Physics at the technical University of Eindhoven in The Netherlands in 2003. He obtained a PhD in Materials Physics at Hasselt University in 2009 on the surface termination of synthetic diamond. In 2009, as a postdoc, he started research in the field of Printable Electronics and since February 2014 he is assistant Professor at Hasselt University heading a group of 4 PhD students, 1 full-time researcher and several bachelor and master students in the field of “Functional Materials Engineering”. His research activities are located in the printing of functional materials. Ink formulation towards functional inks, printing techniques such as inkjet printing, screen printing and spray coating and several applications such as Organic Photovoltaic Devices and Light Emitting Devices, printed sensors … are among his expertise.

Inge Verboven
PhD student, Institute for Materials Research (IMO-IMOMEC) – Hasselt University

Inge Verboven graduated in 2013 at the University College XIOS in Belgium as an industrial engineer electro mechanics. After working two months as a calculator for a metalworking company, she decided to discover new horizons and started working as a researcher for the Institute for Materials Research in Diepenbeek. She is now part of the Functional Materials Engineering group under the leadership of Professor Wim Deferme. Within the POLEOT project she was researching and processing the direct printing of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) on textile. This project ended in May 2015 and now Inge is continuing her research on the same subject as a PhD student. Besides her PhD she is providing consulting services to companies involving different printing techniques like spray coating and spin coating.