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The Finneck Foundation is church-related and has its main office in Rastenberg, Germany. In the region of Thuringia its main area of work is with disabled children and youth care, as well as an educational facility and working in the listed fields as well as in the fields of habitation and sheltered workshops.

With activities dating back to 1505, the foundation was officially founded in 1918 as a federal association of Saxonia-Weimar-Eisenach in Rastenberg, and at that time was a care home for children with tuberculosis.

The Finneck foundation contains six sheltered workshops for disabled people or people with a psychological disabilities in Soemmerda, Artern, Rastenberg and Bad Frankenhausen. It offers people with physical disabilities job opportunities, social interaction and helps to lessen the disabilities and the respective effects that result from them.

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Arbeitsvorbereitung / Marketing
Jürgen Teichmann
Am Unterwege 4
99610 Sömmerda
Telefon: +49 3634 320838
E-Mail: [email protected]