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Tasek Glugor Country: France


It has been 10 years now that Andrea Crews was created. It all began when Maroussia graduated from les Beaux Arts in Bordeaux and started organizing workshops around clothes, mainly vintage pieces, her privileged medium.

The idea for a collective came very naturally, Maroussia did not want to work under her own name, and the energy that was needed to handle a project at the frontier of art and fashion could not come from a sole person.

For Maroussia, Andrea Crews is an alter ego, someone who both embraces life and stirs it up. A fictional figure in whom we can all recognize ourselves. It is a superego, free, courageous, and generous, ready to defy the established order.

Over the last 10 years, a joyful army has been recruited, a crazy troup of actors, a collective project combining atypical physiques, creative energy and living forces that alone we cannot hope to possess.

The collective is a hotbed of empirical and dynamic creativity. Though the initial inspiration came from Maroussia, the work is created collectively. Since 2 years now, a ready-to-wear line has been launched and the brand that used to carry only unique pieces at its beginning, is now gaining more and more recognition in France and abroad, though still independant from the Fashion industry.